Confession #3: I am also a “what am I like?” junkie

Okay, I admit it. I love taking those tests that tell you what type of personality you are, or what your strengths and non-strengths are. I think I got hooked when I bought a Cosmopolitan from the magazine rack at a grocery store. You know how it is—the front covers begs you to pick it up and flip through it while waiting in line: “Take this Quiz!”

Aside from Myers-Briggs telling me I am ISTJ (Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging), I have taken a number of personality and communication type quizzes, of which most are based on a box-style configuration, with a horizontal line across the middle and a vertical line down the middle. In all cases, I fall above the horizontal line and either to the right or left of the line. What does that mean? Well, I can be described as a Builder and Initiator, Peacock and Lion, and Social and Economical. In other words, my personality and communication style can be described like this:

  • Visionary and motivator
  • Enthusiastic and attentive
  • Will strut their stuff
  • Task-oriented
  • Determined
  • Dependable
  • Can be stubborn and critical, practical and economical
  • Wants action and results
  • Can be considered pushy and aggressive
  • Wants to be recognized and appreciated, and works hard for it

So I am telling you all this because knowing yourself, and being able to identify characteristics in others, can help smooth interactions between you and your colleagues. In my last post, I touched on two best practices for playing well with others.  This post speaks to another best practice for communicating well with others: find out who you are and what type they are, and adapt your style to mirror or align with theirs. You know you won’t be able to change them, but you can certainly change yourself.

SDA published a white paper I wrote on various models for discovering yourself. You can access it here: Identifying Communication Styles



2 thoughts on “Confession #3: I am also a “what am I like?” junkie

  1. LOL! It’s interesting to me that we both are ISTJs, but on the other personality tests, we come out different! I love exploring this and understanding it. I agree with you that I have found it helpful to know what I am like, and to try and determine what others are like, because it does help me understand them better and work with them better.


    • Lois, that is interesting. And just yesterday, after reading another blog that shared a link to a personality test, I find that I am now, apparently, an ISFP! That really surprised me, and upon a little more introspection, I can see that I am morphing over into Feeling and Perceiving (FP) versus Thinking and Judging (TJ). (I’m considering paying forward that same link in one of my next blogs.) Thanks for reading, and for commenting.


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