Confession #5: I’m a teacher at heart

Hey, I just realized that I started this blog one year ago this month. I thought I was going to go all “confession” on you in the beginning, but here it is one year later and I’ve only let loose four confessions.

Time for another one.

In high school I was in DECA. (You know, I’m not even sure I knew what DECA was at the time, except that I knew I was going to go out “in the field” for a day or two to see if that type of field was for me.) I remember going to a small mom-and-pop store that sold penny candy and ice cream, and I think dairy products as well. It had a drive-up window. After about one hour working the cash register, I knew that wasn’t for me.

I also remember the teacher for that DECA class, was telling all of the girls, “You would make a great teacher!” And I think he told all of the boys, “You would make a great doctor!”

In hindsight, I should have stood up and asked that teacher, “Hellooo . . . why do the girls all have to be teachers? Why can’t they be doctors if they want?”

He was a much older teacher, probably of the Traditionalist generation. That explains why he didn’t have it in him to encourage other professions to his students, other than teaching and doctoring.

So anyway, graduation came and I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So I went to college to become a teacher. Well, what do you expect—you heard my old DECA teacher—I would make a great teacher!

Starting a family put my teacher training on hold, and as you may remember, if you read my second post (about purple vomit), I ended up working in the A/E/C industry.

Lightbulb moment (happened many years ago) . . . I am a good teacher (at least I think so).

I find myself using teacher tools at work, like thinking in terms of Lesson Plans.

And knowing that not everyone learns in the same manner—some want to sit at the keyboard while you walk them through the steps; others want you to sit at the keyboard while they watch.

And offering alternative views, or asking if they think there’s another (better, more efficient) way of doing their tasks.

So yeah, I confess. I’m still a teacher; I’m just not doing it in a classroom setting.