Is there a better way to do that?

Wrong: Using the space bar to get text to align.

Right: Set tabs. Or insert a table. Or use columns.

Wrong: Inserting periods to create the leader for a tab.

Right: Select Leader in the Tabs feature.

More work: Not enabling Resources (conference rooms, equipment, etc.) for Outlook meeting invitations.

Less work: Inserting a Resource at the same time you insert names into the To field of the meeting invite.

Wrong: Pressing the Tab key a zillion times to align text.

Right: Set specific tabs. Or insert a table. Or use columns.

More work:  Sending an email saying “RSVP to ____.”

Less work:  Sending a meeting invite.

More work:  Manually adding numbers in a table column.

Less work:  Using AutoSum.

More work: Having to describe where on the page (e.g., “See last sentence of the third paragraph”).

Less work: Using Line Numbers (e.g., “See Line 36”).

More work: Scrolling through the document looking for two spaces after the periods and manually deleting one of the spaces.

Less work: Creating a macro to find/replace that extra space.

More work: Retyping (or copying/pasting) often-used text.

Less work: Using Building Blocks or AutoText.