You got the guts to ask for feedback?

I guess I do—have the guts to ask for feedback. Because I asked for it. And now I wait to see the survey results, wondering how I will feel when I see them.

I’ve been leading a team for nine months now. It’s not a team at work; it’s a team who volunteers to do what we do, on top of their already loaded work week. So yeah, it’s a volunteer job and we don’t get paid for it. We all knew that when we accepted the request to serve on the board of directors in our various positions. I’m in the (fun, challenging, stressful) lead, serving as the chapter president.

I agreed to run for the president position because the Nominating Committee told me that if I did that, then another volunteer would run for president-elect. So I ran. And I was elected. And I was installed as the president.

I wonder if the rest of the board of directors, when they knew I would be the president they would be working with, knew what they were getting themselves into.

I tend to work people. And I tend to ask them (push them) them to take on tasks that they probably weren’t expecting, and probably don’t want to do. I have very high expectations, and expect the work to get done; expect that the team will enjoy learning new things, making new things happen, changing the way we’ve been doing business—all for the good of the chapter.

So here it is almost ten months into my leadership, and I (gulp!) ask a director to send out a survey asking the rest of the board of directors to give me some feedback on how I’m doing.

Call me crazy, but I find that feedback (anonymously) helps me grow. Helps me look more inward and try to find out why others perceive me like they do.

Yes, I have the guts to ask for feedback.

Now let’s hope when I get the survey results that I won’t (what . . . go off by myself and shed a few tears? Start my inward-looking process by trying to defend myself against any feedback that might not feel so good?), that I won’t crap out and not put any of it to use. I’m sure they’ll have something I can learn about myself that I can work on for the next time I volunteer for such a challenging position.

There’s always room for growth.

Bring it on.

I know I won’t be afraid to share the survey results with you—stay tuned.



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