Feedback Guts, Part 4


Sharing the last survey question:

With respect to the chapter president’s responsibilities, what do you think the president does well?

Survey says:

  • She does very well at making decisions and directing the Board.
  • Judy is a great leader, she encourages us to think beyond the next quarter and see a bigger picture. She is concerned about doing the right things in the right way to maintain the chapter’s credibility, viability, and value for its members.
  • Judy is very organized and that is evident in everything she does. She is always prepared for meetings and plans far in advance for situations requiring participation from members or BoD members. Judy is very personable and welcoming. She’s encouraged the expansion of our educational delivery methods, which has been well received by members. Great job! I’d also like her to know that I’ve seen her confidence and abilities grow this year when she is speaking in front of the audience at our programs. Great job!
  • Extremely motivated. Sees the big picture. Not afraid to try new things.
  • Seems to have a good handle on overall Chapter and National goings-on, knows when things are due, follows bylaws, personally invested in the success of the Chapter and organization as a whole, inspires others to do their best.

Hmmm, concerned about doing the right things . . . very organized . . . confidence and abilities . . . sees the big picture . . . personally invested . . . inspires others.

Why thank you, board of directors!

And now I ask myself: Was it worth it, having your team give you feedback?

And survey says:

Yes, definitely! (Even though it was a little scary, waiting for the results. And even though I promised to share them on my blog, before I saw the results.) Although, in hindsight, I should not have waited until the fourth quarter of my leadership to ask for feedback; by the time you read this, I will only have one more board meeting to lead as the chapter president.

If I get any clarification/examples from the constructive criticism I received, I will put that to use on my next adventure for the chapter (guess who is running for vice president, in charge of the education committee?).


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