Sweet smell of success


Found out this week that the chapter I’m leading (as President, 2014-2015) won the prestigious 2015 Chapter Excellence Award from the national organization. Such an awesome surprise!

Okay, I wasn’t really surprised.

Why? Well, because the two board of directors that led the chapter in 2014 (we change board members in May each year) absolutely rocked it when it came to doing new things—webinars, for the first time in our chapter history!—taking new risks, thinking outside the box, engaging our members, doing more surveys, and using the technology on hand.

The energy and synergy had finally returned.

We had two new voices on board (two members who were serving on the board for the very first time), and their thoughts, ideas, suggestions, comments, dedication, and passion were remarkable. (I have to say, it had been a long time since I saw that kind of enthusiasm on the board of directors; it was very, very refreshing to me.) Yes, those two new voices definitely charged us up. (You know how the same old people keep doing the same old thing—with good intentions, of course. But . . . it’s same old, same old. And that just gets . . . old.)

I’m not sure which other chapters were our competition. I’m not sure how many other chapters submitted for this year’s award. And I really can’t say what the other chapters were doing. I do know though, that other chapter presidents were calling me asking about things we were doing, how we were handling things, and wanting to use our strategic approach. I think that was an indication that our chapter was leading the charge, so to speak, and making others realize that we’re on to something—something grand for us, and starting to serve as a role model for other chapters within the organization.

All I can say right now is that we did it. We really rocked it.

I knew we were capable of winning that Chapter Excellence Award.

Sweet, sweet kudos for our chapter!


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