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Ordered from Amazon, but not delivered via drones.

My stack of waiting-to-be-read business books.

I was going to start in on Rookie Smarts, but when I finally gathered all the new books in one place, the one that spoke to me was Turn the Ship Around!

My friend Kathy recommended that book for me (along with Deep Dive). I was intrigued by the title, and thought it aligned nicely with what I had been trying to do with the chapter team I had been leading (still leading, until my term ends on May 21). You know, getting them to turn things around and do different things/try different things than what the chapter has done in the past.

So I started in on it, and whoa . . . I can read through books fast, but with this one I’ll have to take it a bit slower because it’s all about this Navy guy leading his team, and the location happens to be a submarine. That’s a new locale for me—the Navy, and leadership on a submarine.

But so far, it’s a good read. Will be interesting to see which of his concepts I can apply in my work/leadership life.

(Internal voice: Stop! Stop ordering books until you get through this stack! I know, I know; but I like having them around so when I finish one, I don’t have to wait for the next one to arrive.)


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