The Cheese Family

I was at an event in which two managers of two firms shared a slideshow that told the audience a little bit about their firms.

The first manager listed his office’s “Leadership.” Yeah, so we all get that. He showed pictures of his staff who are considered the senior leaders of the office. And then he showed the projects his staff was working on. Interesting projects.

The second manager. Well, what a delightfully refreshing change that was.

The second manager also showed the projects his staff was working on.

But what made his show so refreshing? Two distinct things.

  1. Instead of calling his senior staff “leaders,” he used the term “cheese.” As in “The Big Cheese” (the top managers in his office). As in “The Small Cheese” (the next level of managers in his office; what others would call mid-level managers). And of course, he didn’t forget “The Cheese Monger” (the office manager).
  2. He showed photos of his staff at play, and of his staff and their personal interests. Like the staff with their dogs. And the staff dressed in Seahawks gear. And the staff who ride bikes. And he told everyone that he and his staff like to have fun.

What could have been the same old-same old, turned out to be fun to watch, and fun to listen to.

Thanks, second manager, for bringing a bit of playfulness into an event that could have turned into the same old thing!