Sharing knowledge

There’s nothing better than learning new things to make your job a little easier, right? And there’s nothing better than getting step-by-step, how-to instructions from someone else. Right? Because why take the time yourself to go through the steps when someone else has already done that . . . duh!

So, a little sharing is in order.

I am not a huge macro-user (not yet anyway). In my admin life, I would love to be a user and a creator of macros, but sometimes the stars just don’t align as often as I would like them to, to make me go, “Whoa. I bet I could do that faster/easier if I had a macro for that!”

But every once in a while . . . those stars stand at attention and in a V formation.

And since sharing knowledge is a wondrous thing . . . I give you the step-by-step instructions I shared with my admin colleagues at work.

A little side note here: Some value-adding you can do for your admin (and other) colleagues: Create a “Professional Development” folder on your shared drive, and then creat sub-folders for MS Word programs. Post tips and tricks and how-to content in those folders, so everyone can access them. (Like I did, about 5 years ago. Oh yeah, I also created sub-folders for organization, communication, and leadership.)

What’s in the PDF? All the steps you need to create a macro that will auto-insert a landscape-oriented, 11-inch x 17-inch sheet in your Word (2010) document.

Here’s the PDF: Macro_InsertLandscapePage

You can thank me later! 🙂