New-to-blogging tips from some pros

Somewhere along the line (six months or so ago), I stopped blogging. (Okay, wait. I checked and it was more like eight months ago—ugh!) And in that time, I also slowed down, way down, my reading of other blogs I follow (Heck, I wasn’t even faithfully checking my email to see what all of you fellow bloggers had been blogging about. My bad!)

I know why, or at least partly why. I was in a get-ready-for-considering-running-for-chapter-president mode. I was thinking about my work future, knowing in a few months my job on a project would come to an end. I just had things on my mind and unfortunately (for you, dear follower?), I quit blogging for a while.

I’m back now, thank you very much. And I’m going to try to be more consistent about blogging.

Consistency is one of the tips that other bloggers recommend.

Check out these 14 tips for new admin bloggers, co-authored by Christina Holzhauser and Layne Tinsley. It’s an oldie (a few months), but still a goodie.

So if you know of any bloggers (admin-types or otherwise), share that link with them, will you?