Those pesky headers!

I got an Instant Message at work asking me how to get the header of the second page in a Word doc to show it’s page “2”. I wasn’t sure how her letter was formatted, so I told her to share her desktop with me and I’d see if I could help, telling her it’s likely they don’t have the right page breaks inserted.

Sure enough, that was it.

If you need to have a different header or footer from the first page, you have to insert “Section Breaks, Next Page” on the first page. And you need to pay attention to “Link to Previous” as well.

So I walked her through that and she got her headers fixed.

Then I whipped up a little cheat sheet for her.

And now I’m sharing that with you. It’s nothing fancy, but it helps. See the link below (it’s based on Word 2016).

While I was creating the cheat sheet, I also shared how she can insert some dummy text.

Sharing knowledge; that’s how I roll.

section breaks_MS Word 2016