Teleworking: Day 145

Today is one hundred and forty-five days of working from home! Seven months!

When I first started working-from-home, I was camped out on our dining room table. Or maybe I should call it like it was and say I cramped out on our dining room table. Because that’s what it was. A pretty much uncomfortable work area for me to be comfortable while working from home. I cramped out on our dining room table for about 97 days. Ninety-seven days!

And then I got smart.

Actually, it took someone else telling me I wouldn’t be returning to the office for the remainder of 2020. That’s when I got smart. No way was I going to stay cramped at my dining room table for the rest of 2020.

Told hubby I needed a new work space. I needed to be able to sit/stand when the mood hit and still be able to get done what I’m paid to get done.

So, I bought a new Vari desk. An electric, one-push of a button to make it go up or down kind of desk. The big one, 60×30. From those marvelous people at Vari.

Cleaned out and fixed up what was our family room. Had it painted. New flooring put in. Bookshelves installed.

Then my Vari desk arrived – squee!

Got it put together (it takes two people to assemble it; that sucker is heavy). Had it facing the window so I could see out the window, then decided I better face the wall because I didn’t want the new monitor I was going to buy to get bumped and fall off the desk.

See the pic? I am so totally loving working from home now – new space, new desk, new larger monitor.

I am ergonomically in a much better place than I was 145 days ago.

I could get use to this.

But, I still miss my seeing my work colleagues in person, at the office. <sigh>

P.S. to any Vari folks that may see this: That Vari standing mat I bought didn’t come with those cut-outs you see along the mat’s edges in the pic. Those cut-outs are compliments of my golden retriever, Bo. He thought I bought him a new toy he could chew on. (The first Vari mat I bought for my desk at the office does not have any chew cut-outs.)