Pushing work down

For those of you working in A/E/C offices, what kind of project tasks are your administrative staff taking on? Have you given any thought to pushing what some refer to as “technical” work down to your admins?

You can do that, you know. There are a number of project documents that do not need to be signed or sealed by a licensed practitioner. I consider those administrative in nature, and an architect or an engineer on the project team does not have to be the one to write or manage those documents.

A few years back I wrote a little bit more about this, submitting it to SDA National. Check this out.




Conflict at work?

security-856168_1920Whether you’re a manager/supervisor, or one of the team members, you’re bound to come across some conflicts with others at work (hopefully not; but with differing personalities—well, personalities can get in the way, and disagreements might escalate).

While this blog on BizLibrary’s website might be geared toward managers, I think you’ll find the nine tips useful.

I know I’ve gotten better at dealing with conflicts after I learned to take personalities out of the situation.

I especially like tip number 9: You can ask an intent/impact question that can give the other person a do-over.

You can find the 9 tips here.