Conflict at work?

security-856168_1920Whether you’re a manager/supervisor, or one of the team members, you’re bound to come across some conflicts with others at work (hopefully not; but with differing personalities—well, personalities can get in the way, and disagreements might escalate).

While this blog on BizLibrary’s website might be geared toward managers, I think you’ll find the nine tips useful.

I know I’ve gotten better at dealing with conflicts after I learned to take personalities out of the situation.

I especially like tip number 9: You can ask an intent/impact question that can give the other person a do-over.

You can find the 9 tips here.


Those pesky headers!

I got an Instant Message at work asking me how to get the header of the second page in a Word doc to show it’s page “2”. I wasn’t sure how her letter was formatted, so I told her to share her desktop with me and I’d see if I could help, telling her it’s likely they don’t have the right page breaks inserted.

Sure enough, that was it.

If you need to have a different header or footer from the first page, you have to insert “Section Breaks, Next Page” on the first page. And you need to pay attention to “Link to Previous” as well.

So I walked her through that and she got her headers fixed.

Then I whipped up a little cheat sheet for her.

And now I’m sharing that with you. It’s nothing fancy, but it helps. See the link below (it’s based on Word 2016).

While I was creating the cheat sheet, I also shared how she can insert some dummy text.

Sharing knowledge; that’s how I roll.

section breaks_MS Word 2016




$10 webinars

My favorite all-things-MS Office guru is Melissa Esquibel. I’ve attended a number of her webinars and there’s always some take-away that I, well . . . take away afterwards and apply it at work. I love being able to do that. A webinar that actually has some content that I can use, that is meaningful to me at work (and sometimes outside of work as well).

And now she’s doing Sawbuck Seminars!

And I’ve already attended one of them—not live though, since it was during work so I had to miss it. Did you know though, that at Sawbucks Seminars you can register for a webinar and get the replay afterwards? You can. And I did.

And it was only $10. Ten dollars! For an almost hour-long session on creating fillable forms.

At first I’m like, “I already know how to create fillable forms using MS Word.”

And then I’m like, “Yeah, but it’s guru Melissa Esquibel, and you KNOW you always learn some new tidbit when you attend her webinars.”

So I registered (it was ONLY ten bucks!), and I finally watched the replay.

True to form—I learned something—the part about extracting the info that was entered into the form into a CSV file so you have all the responses in one file (along with a few other tidbits Melissa shared during the webinar).

Totally worth the ten bucks I spent.


P.S. The Seattle Chapter of SDA is hosting a 2-hour Melissa Esquibel webinar in October. Anyone can attend. Learn more here.